St Pius X

St. Pius X 2017-18 Tuition Information

Key Deadlines:

· April 1, 2017 – Application for financial aid through FACTS. Cost is $30.00.

o This is to be filed in order to be eligible for some SPX Scholarships and Assistance (see “***” below).

o Website:

· May 9, 2017 – Registration for FACTS tuition payment (online) is due.

o Website:

o Users in 2016-17 are automatically re-enrolled.

· May 2017 – For all families in “good standing”:

o Tuition billings, SPX Scholarship & Financial Assistance decisions will be sent out during the month of May.

o “Good standing” means: No past due balance for tuition or extended day.

o Those with a past due balance risk of being closed out of their class for 2017-18.

· June 1, 2017 – All tuition and classroom fees not paid through FACTS are due.

· June 2, 2017 – Families that have not paid tuition/fees or FACTS tuition registration:

o May be charged a $100.00 late fee.

o May risk losing the child’s spot in a class.

· June 5 or 20, 2017 – First FACTS payment (of 12 monthly payments) will be drawn.

FACTS Information & Requirements:

· For those not automatically re-enrolled; after receiving your Tuition Payment Agreement:

o FACTS will draw a one-time fee of $38.00 in May.

o Do not send in this payment . They will handle the transfer from your account.

· You may finance all tuition and classroom fees up to 12 months (if started in June).

o Final payment would be May 2018. Current users are automatically re-enrolled.

o Website:

· Once FACTS is set up:

o It can be paid off at any time before the end of the term.

o Lump sum payments can always be made. We will adjust future payments.

*** Please be sure to be timely in your registrations and in payments so your child isn’t put in a difficult situation. If you are having difficulty with the process or trouble with payments or “good standing”, contact the business office as soon as possible so we can help.

*** If you want to participate in any SPX based scholarships (Principal’s or Named Scholarships and needs based financial assistance), you must apply for financial aid through FACTS by April 1, 2017 (cost is $30.00). This does not affect Parishioner, Community or Diocesan Scholarships, which have their own requirements.

*** Any questions, please contact Marilyn, or 419-535-7672 x 228 .