St Pius X

The Principal’s Scholarships 


The Principal’s Scholarships are a series of scholarships available to St. Pius X students from grades 5-8 who meet the criteria.

Each scholarship is named after a past Principal of St Pius X school who has agreed to allow her name to be used both for the donations to the scholarship and distribution of the scholarship funds according to the regulations that follow.

A scholarship will be awarded each year that the amount in a specific scholarship fund reaches a minimum of $100.00.  At $100 a $50.00 scholarship will be awarded applicable to the next year’s tuition.  If the fund exceeds $100 one half of the total in the scholarship account for each named scholarship will be awarded.  If a scholarship does not have the minimum $100 available, no scholarship will be offered for that year and every year thereafter until the minimum $100 is reached.

Principals may cancel the use of their name as part of the scholarship at any time for any reason but any monies in the fund remain in the scholarship fund and a new name will be chosen from among past Principals by the Pastor of the parish on recommendation of a committee which will consist of the current Principal, the current chair of the School Advisory Council and a third person chosen by mutual agreement of the others.

The manner of collecting, handling and disbursing of funds will follow the prescribed law and the specific guidelines of the Diocese of Toledo and will be handled through the office of the Business Manager of St Pius X Parish.

Contributions in honor of or in memory of any of the former Principals may be made at any time throughout the year by contacting the Business Manager of St Pius X parish, 3011 Carskaddon Ave. Toledo Ohio 43606 (419-535-7672).

Criteria for the Principals Scholarship  

1.         All who wish to be considered must apply, with full materials, by the date designated.  No candidate will be considered if any documentation is missing or incomplete.  In addition to identifying documentation and declaration of financial need, each application will include a requirement of a written document the title of which may be changed on a yearly basis.  The document must be prepared by the student applicant alone.

2.        A student who already receives a full tuition scholarship or a partial scholarship, which covers at least 75% of the tuition costs, is not eligible for a Principals Scholarship.

3.       The candidate must have successfully completed a minimum of one year as a St. Pius X student in the year immediately prior to application for consideration.

4.          The candidate must be “endorsed” by the Principal and the Dean of Students as “clear” academically and discipline wise.  Clear means that there is no indication that the student is or will be on either academic or disciplinary probation from the time of consideration for the scholarship throughout the period for which the scholarship applies.  If a student does receive either or both academic and disciplinary probation during the time of the scholarship the scholarship remains but the student becomes ineligible for another scholarship for two full years.

5.        Scholarship money is applicable only to the base tuition of the award year and not applicable to any prior balance (past due costs) or any other fees which are charged to the student’s account. The Award is non-transferable and is not redeemable for cash.

6.         A student/family may have no more than 1/4th of total tuition due in the category of “past due” at the beginning of the academic year in which the application for the scholarship is made.

7.         Only one scholarship may be given to each family even if there are multiple students from the same family.

8.          The number of projected scholarships at present is five but more may be added if monies are forthcoming.  The distribution of scholarships will be as follows:

(1)   The Sister Nadine Kaschalk C.PP.S. Scholarship For a student entering 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade at St. Pius X. The candidate must be Roman Catholic and a registered and participating member of St. Pius X parish.  Pastor verification is needed. Nonrenewable.

(2)  The Caroline Jaksetic Scholarship .  For a student entering grade 7 at St. Pius X.The candidate must be Roman Catholic and a registered and participating member of a Roman Catholic parish, however the parish need not be St Pius X.  Pastor verification is needed.

(3)  The Adrian Dominican Sisters Scholarship For a student entering grade 6 at St Pius X.  The candidate must be Roman Catholic and a registered and participating member of a Roman Catholic parish, however the parish need not be St. Pius X parish.  Pastor verification is needed.

(4)  The Deb O’Shea Scholarship . For a student entering grade 5 at St. Pius X. The candidate need not be Roman Catholic.

(5)  The Carolyn Savage Scholarship. For a student entering 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th grade at St Pius X.   The candidate need not be Roman Catholic.  Nonrenewable.

9.          All scholarships are valid for one academic year only. Students who receive a scholarship in one year may however apply for the following year provided they meet the specific requirements for that year.

Only those scholarships listed in bold type are available for 2017-18.

Winners will be notified in June and scholarships will be awarded at

our opening Mass in August.


Application for a Principal’s Scholarship.


Student’s name ________________________________________________________________


City/State, Zip_____________________________________________________


Other means of contact______________________

Student is currently in grade _______________________.

Student is applying for scholarship for the academic year beginning August __________

Materials submitted: (Those submitting clearance please sign or initial below)

Clearance from Principal____________ Clearance from Dean_______________

Clearance from Financial Office _________Clearance from Pastor____________

Attached is original hard copy of writing document as prescribed for the upcoming year.

Student’s signature_________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian signature_________________________________________________________

For OFFICE use only: Date Received ____________


Essay Topic for Principal’s Scholarship.


Date Due: May 8, 2017


1.           The essay must be written completely by the applicant alone.  Consultations with a parent or others is permissible provided the actual writing/typing/ is done by the student alone.

2.           The essay must be submitted from a computer printed source.

3.           The essay is doubled spaced with a print size of 12 pt.

4.           The essay margins are one inch on all sides.

5.           The essay is at least one full page in length and no more than a page and a half.

For the 2017-2018 academic year.

  From Pope Francis Encyclical Joy of the Gospel # 114. The Church must be a place of mercy freely given, where everyone can feel welcomed, loved, forgiven and encouraged to live the good life of the Gospel.


Essay:  This is what I need to do to make sure that both my classmates and all students at St Pius X feel “welcomed, loved, forgiven and encouraged to live the good life of the Gospel.”